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In 2012 Roma Piotrowska was a student on the MA in Contemporary Curatorial Practice who took part in an eight-month project to raise the profile of the Art and Design Archives among practice-based students in the School of Art under the aegis of the Student Academic Partnership scheme. During this period Roma browsed through eleven different collections within the Archive, looking for interesting topics that she could potentially use to curate an exhibition. As an outcome of her research, she produced two guides to material in the collections, Futuristic Visions of Yesterday and Experiment and Abstraction

Futuristic Visions of Yesterday is an introduction to some of the prints, drawings, fashions and product designs within the School of Art collection dating from the 1930s up to the 1960s and 1970s that pertain to a futuristic aesthetic. Roma held a workshop for students and staff to introduce them to her discoveries and outline her findings.

Student-led workshop on Futuristic Visions in our Archives

Student-led workshop on Futuristic Visions in our Archives

The majority of artworks in BCU Art and Design Archives are representational and traditional in nature. Nevertheless, you can find some experimental works there, and it is these that were discussed in Roma’s second research guide, Experiment and Abstraction.

You can follow Roma's career via her blog at :