Filling Archival Gaps

Roma Piotrowska has published an article on Filling Archival Gaps: the role of participatory curatorial projects in the most recent issue of ENGAGE, which focused on the particular challenges for curators posed by exhibitions of historical collections (see Using the example of the Brixton Artists Collective, she focuses on how women, black and Asian artists and other minorities can be excluded from institutional archives through partial or total ommission, inadequate labelling or identification. To correct this, oral history and participatory projects are used to create independent archives that can be freely circulated and updated as necessary.

Roma's interest in archival projects has developed from the period she spent with the Birmingham City University Art and Design Archives, exploring ways in which to promote greater use of the collections by practice-based students as part of the University's innovative Student Academic Partnership Scheme. Her MA dissertation, for which she gained a First, looked at Contemporary Curatorial Approaches towards Archives.