Remastered: taking a fresh look at items in the Crafts Study Centre collection

Ever wondered how you might respond creatively to an archive or museum collection? MA students in the School of Craft and Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham have been doing just that. ReMastered is the sixth in a series of collaborative exhibitions between them and the Crafts Study Centre, but this is the first time that they've focused on using the collections as a source of inspiration for contemporary art practice. 

Students were invited to visit the stores to select an object or set of objects which captured their attention – whether it was the material, the technique, the colour, the texture or the maker. They then worked either individually or in collaboration with others to create responses to those objects and to curate their work in an exhibition at the Centre and online. Greta Bertram, the curator at the Crafts Study Centre, remarked that it had been 'fascinating' to see which parts of the collection appealed to the students and why. If you're interested in working with archive collections, why not take a look at their website? 

Bowl by Lucie Rie, Crafts Centre Collection, P74.52.

Bowl by Lucie Rie, Crafts Centre Collection, P74.52.

Helen Twigg-Molecey,  Moonlight , 2018.

Helen Twigg-Molecey, Moonlight, 2018.

I particularly liked Helen's response to a Lucie Rie pot, perhaps we've got two here in our own collections.