The sweet taste of archives

I just came across this great example of an artist’s creative use of archival material. Last week performance artist Ulla von Brandenburg re-staged an unusual exhibition from the Whitechapel Gallery’s archive. In 1973, the gallery installed an enticing display of sweets including Belgian chocolate coins, French lollipops shaped like the Eiffel Tower, gummy mice from Germany, Italian marzipan fruits and toffees from Yorkshire as part of the Fanfare for Europe celebrations marking Britain’s entry into the EEC. Billed as a Sweet Feast, visitors were invited to sample the candies. The exhibition came to an abrupt end on 28 January when 500 children visited the gallery, overwhelmed the guard and devoured all the displays!

Ulla von Brandenburg, still from  Sweet Feast , 2018

Ulla von Brandenburg, still from Sweet Feast, 2018

The film she’s made with children from a local primary school recreates this event, exploring the dynamics between individuals and the group. But what sweets did she use to evoke all the uncertainties over Brexit?