Reanimating the past


How might you go about recreating a sense of a building's past and the people who once lived there? Can new technology help to bring museum and archival collections to life?

The National Museum have explored this possibility within the castle grounds of St Fagans, collaborating with Cardiff University and creative gaming company yellobrick in the development of an app that visitors can download prior to their visit. Traces/Olion takes them on a physical journey round the site, moving from fact to fiction, from past to present. Based on archive material from the museum’s collection, the story focuses on characters who might have lived in the castle and walked through the grounds in the early twentieth century.  

I'm left wondering if there's any scope for BCU students learning to write apps to work with our School of Art collection to develop something relating to the history of Margaret Street for the 175th anniversary of the establishment of a School of Art in Birmingham next year? Is there scope for recreating the lives of former students in this way? Perhaps with collaboration from those in the School of English studying creative writing? I'd welcome thoughts or comments on this.