Alice in Wonderland exhibition inspires new poetry

If you're hoping for a career as a creative writer, have you ever considered artworks as a potential source of inspiration?

Poets Emer Gillespie, Abegail Morley and Catherine Smith certainly do. Together they formed EKPHRASIS with the aim of creating a dialogue between poetry and the visual arts. In Emer Gillespie's own words:

β€˜I find that what I see and read sets off a chain of thoughts in my own head that can lead to a poem I would never have thought of writing in the first place. The poem furthers my communication with a work of art, I can talk back to it, talk back to the artist who created it, or explore the resonance it creates inside me’.

They have previously worked with the Royal Academy, but on Friday 4 March they and ten other poets will be reading works inspired by the British Library's Alice in Wonderland exhibition in the main entrance hall, where the works are on display. This will be interspersed with actors reading extracts from the book itself.

Why not come along to the Art & Design Archives to see if we've any artworks that might inspire an original piece of writing? Who knows, it might open a new door for you!