Looking for art and design resources?

If you're looking for historical artworks or designs as part of your research for a project or dissertation, it can be hard to know where to start. You're always welcome to come down to the Archives to see if we've got anything in our collections that will help, but you may need to look more widely. To help with this, the Art Libraries Society of the UK and Ireland (ARLIS) is producing a new series of guides for cities in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Each will describe the major collections in that city with public access to art and design resources. Special features include a city-wide map, a subject index to collections and a peek into each library, museum or archive featured, complete with full-colour images.

The titles already published include the Art Researchers' Guides to Leeds (2011); Edinburgh (2012); Dublin (2013) and Manchester (2014).  The fifth volume, the Art Researchers' Guide to Cardiff and South Wales, is expected to be published this month.  If you want to find out more or wish to order a copy of any of them, why not visit the ARLIS website?