Portaits and Parody

We've just installed a new display in the case at the bottom of the staircase at Parkside, again in collaboration with Library and Learning Resources. This time, we've chosen to focus on the work of two well-known caricaturists, James Gillray (1757-1815) and Terence 'Larry' Parkes (1927-2003). 


The Library are showcasing a collection of James Gillray's prints, most of which appeared between 1892 and 1810.  The forthrightness of his biting social and political satires (often directed against George III, the French or Napoleon) is characteristic of the eighteenth-century treatment of politics in both art and literature. Alongside them we've included four cartoons by Terence 'Larry' Parkes, a former student of Birmingham School of Art who worked as a freelance cartoonist for publications such as Punch and the Daily Mail. The pieces being shown are part of a collection that he presented to the University when he was awarded an honorary degree in 1991. To link in with the theme of the Portrait Saloon exhibition in the main atrium, each of them parodies well-known portraits by leading artists -  Magritte, Bellini, Millais and Modgliani.

The Archives are also showing a series of portraits by students from Birmingham School of Art along the ground floor corridor opposite TV Studio A. These date from 1870 to 1939, and include both pencil sketches, watercolours and prints. 

Why not go and have a look at the two exhibitions? We'd welcome any feedback on them, and hope that they encourage you to visit the Archives.