Shadows and Dust

Why not take a look at Birmingham Coffin Works's inaugural exhibition by sound artist Andy Garbi? He explores ‘the spirit of place’ through the creation of artworks that are inextricably linked to the nineteenth-century Newman Brothers factory manufacturing items for the funerary trade that has recently been restored and re-opened as an art gallery and museum last October.   

Before renovation work began, Birmingham Conservation Trust invited Andy to record as much as he could of the disused building. From the documentation of this time capsule, he has created a series of highly original audiovisual pieces that contain the preserved acoustics and light qualities of the building interior before it was restored. In essence, they are both artworks and archives, giving a glimpse into areas that no longer exist in their original form.

Featuring music, manipulated found sounds, spoken word, video and photography, Shadows and Dust is the first fully realised piece created as part of Andy’s four-year sound heritage project The Unsung Antiquarian. His intent is two-fold: to create new artworks, but also to build a ‘museum of sound’ that will be donated to the British Library. As he says, he aims to

"bring art and heritage together in an interdisciplinary way so that the work produced is an amalgam of the two".

The exhibition is on until 30 January 2015. If you’d like to find out more about Andy Garbi’s work, why not have a look at his website?