Bradford College's textile archive inspires contemporary artworks

Are you interested in seeing how artists and designers have been inspired by Bradford College's extensive textile archive? If so, why not visit the Pick and Mix exhibition being held at the Dye House Gallery? It's a particularly fitting site for the show as it was originally a dye house built as part of a mill for the teaching of textiles for local industry.

In September the Arts Council awarded the college a £15,000 grant to create an exhibition by 20 contemporary artists. The exhibition includes a range of works including prints, paintings, textiles, ceramics and jewellery as well as photographic displays of the city's mills and the machinery used in them.

For example, artist Hannah Lamb, who teaches embroidery at the college, produced a cross stitched piece and a cyanotype photographic print inspired by the collections of George Arnold Stead, a former student who went on to work in Listers Mill and then Liberty's of London. 

Hannah Lamb, Cross stitched embroidery, 2015.

Hannah Lamb, Cross stitched embroidery, 2015.

She said:

"There were lots of skills based in Bradford because of the textile industry and this helps highlight them again. I had gone through books in the archive and I found that Bradford had such a strong sewing industry as well as a major industry producing embroidery. It has been quite interesting to find all this out."

The exhibition is on show until 18 February 2015. For details of their opening hours and more information about the individual artists, why not visit the College website?