Your Uncertain Archive

Have you ever wondered how you would document your own creative work online? Olafur Eliasson's new, web-based artwork shows that he has clearly given this some serious thought. 

Despite how much art is now accessed via the internet, Your uncertain archive is a fairly rare example of a major artist engaging with the medium to create something unexpected online. The piece brings together images, sketches, texts, thoughts and ideas by the artist, all displayed in a drifting, enigmatic landscape that visitors are invited to explore. 

Olaf Eliasson, Still from  Your Uncertain Archive , 2014

Olaf Eliasson, Still from Your Uncertain Archive, 2014

Eliasson wants to encourage the same sort of interaction with the viewer that his large-scale installations demand. As you drift around the space, you can click on the images to find out more about the work featured, but there is an element of chance to everything, which allows you to experience a different, more atmospheric kind of online atmosphere from the one you might be used to. He deliberately challenges what he regards as the dogmatic structures that many online archives tend to have, where visitors need to know what they are searching for in advance. As he told Eliza Williams of Creative Review :

I wanted the chance to allow for a higher degree of negotiability, and also that little bit of discomfort in being slightly lost sometimes. Not too lost but lost in the sense of having to work a little harder to find your path.... We're so used to commodified home pages, everything is about predictability, in order to make people feel safe. …The lack of predictability also has to do with allowing for a space where you have to work a little bit harder...

Olaf Eliasson, Still from   Your Uncertain Archive  , 2014

Olaf Eliasson, Still from Your Uncertain Archive, 2014

You can find out more about Eliasson's project here, but why not explore Your Uncertain Archive for yourself?