Radical Archives

Radical Archives” was a two-day conference (April 11–12, 2014) organised around the notion of archiving as a radical practice including representatives from archives of radical politics and practices; archives that are radical or experimental in form or function; and moments or contexts in which archiving in itself becomes a radical act. “Radical Archives” also asked participants to consider how archives can be active in the present as well as documenting the past and generating scripts for the future.

The conference, was organised around four threads of radical archival practice: Archives and Absence, or lost and counter-archives; Archives and Affect, or embodied archives; Archives and Ethics, or stealing from and for archives; and Archive as Constellation, or archive as method, medium, and interface.

There is a selection of audio recordings comprising the keynote speeches and several panels: “Inside the Black Boxes: Archives and Erasures,” “The Prison and the Archive,” “Archiving Palestine,” “Diasporic/Decolonized Archives” and “Archives from Below.”

 To see the full conference participants, audience notes, curated papers and projects by other artists, archivists, activists and scholars working in the field check the conference website.