Reference Works symposium, a postscript

The Building The Archive: the Reference Works photography project in context symposium held last month was interesting and thought provoking. Amelia Carruthers -  a Bristol based writer, researcher and PhD candidate - has created her own archival record of the event through a number of blog posts. 

As Amelia says, The Library of Birmingham's Reference Works project was:

a set of commissioned photographic reactions to the transformation of Birmingham’s 1970s building, into its present, ‘modern’ form. The photographs would, after public display, be stored as part of Birmingham’s 3.5 million photographic collection. This was art about archives, in turn reciprocated by the archives containing, and enveloping the art itself.

She has reflected on the day in four blog posts:

- Viewing the Building Site

- Rising from the Rubble

- Understanding the House

- Walking the Corridors

It is her personal opinion on the day, and I can't say I agree with all of it, but it makes a very interesting read.