Caitlin Griffiths produced six new works in response to the handwritten reports in the School of Art minute books from 1821-28, 1871 and 1921-22, together with David Miller’s interpretative text for his show in 2009. She created short stories triggered by certain character traits ‘found’ from a analysis of their handwriting, the pseudoscience of graphology becoming a fictional fact for her to reinterpret. In addition, she developed a series of illustrations inspired by the handwriting of the anonymous minute-takers, thereby making transforming something that is clearly written into something graphic and illegible. The images became another extension of her practice of taking someone else’s memory and making it her own.

The third aspect of her exhibition was ‘The Autograph Book’, made by Griffiths in 2007 and containing signatures collected by everyone she encountered within an 80-day period.  The signatures remained as markers of each encounter, becoming, through the turning of the pages, dashes, dots and curls that mimicked Griffiths’ own illustrations. They acted as inherent reminders of how pseudoscience could be used to interpret our personalities from simple everyday mark making.